Pol. ad. paid for by the Rob Satterfield Campaign, Nathan Owens, Treasurer.

"I greatly value this board’s hard work, service, and impact that it is making for many young men and women. My desire is to serve, to be a blessing to others, and to impact people. I want to impact them for the good in their education, their character, their leadership, and as a person. I feel that serving on this board would allow me to do that."



I love to serve. I love working with people. I am comfortable in stressful situations. I enjoy finding solutions to difficult and stressful problems. I love impacting people for the positive and that is something that I prayerfully strive to do each day. I am comfortable setting budgets and sacrificing to keep within them. The Lord has blessed me at leading others and building consensus. I am comfortable communicating publically or moderating meetings. I love working with teams. I truly strive to stand firm for what is right. This is not always easy, but I feel it is a noble and necessary task in this life.


I desire to see kids reach their full potential academically with the support of positive mentors and role models. I desire for kids to truly feel valued and cared for in our community. I desire that our youth are protected and matured intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, ethically, and physically. This truly takes a village working hard for their best interest. I desire for our teachers, staff and administration to be supported and to provide adequate infrastructure as Dripping Springs grows, but I hope and pray we can do this with as little debt as possible. I desire for our kids to be safe. We must provide a safe environment for the students of our community to thrive. When students face challenges and experience difficulties, they need our support and assistance to persevere and have healthy outcomes.


The vision I shared above is broad and deep. People poured those things into me and we should work to pour that into our students. As Dripping Springs grows we must not lose sight of that. One of the greatest challenges facing DSISD is the physical and emotional safety of our students.  Another significant challenge is managing the rapid growth of the district wisely being good stewards of tax payer dollars and controlling debt. Dripping Springs ISD must maintain an exceptional learning environment where all students are encouraged to reach their full potential and have a pathway to success, while at the same time meeting the rapid growth needs of the district. 


 I have enjoyed serving as the Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) Chair the last two years. I have enjoyed collaborating with parents and the community to advise the DISISD School Board on important issues that impact the health and safety of our students.  My participation on the SHAC has inspired me want to continue to serve our teachers and students on the DSISD School Board.  The school board should be about helping and guiding students to reach their full potential.  This role should not be about politics, self-promotion or personal gain.


Our students need to thrive as people and students.  Safety must be a top priority to help them accomplish this.


As we grow we want to be careful to not tax people out of our community and their homes.

  • A Bond Oversight Committee (BOC) would provide for community more community involvement and go a long way to increasing trust and transparency in the community.

  • Striving to build 9th and 10th grade centers as feeders for the existing main high school campus before we entertain the idea of building new high school facilities at other locations allows us to be fiscally responsible.

  • The Long Range Facilities Planning Committee (LRFPC) which consists of volunteers from the community should develop two or three comprehensive options (including renderings, budget, time frames, tax impact and community impact) with the full support, transparency and cooperation of administration to accommodate high school growth.  The community should ultimately decide how tax payer resources should be spent.    


Openness and transparency builds trust.